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What our customer said about The Baby Loft.

Thank you for Christmas by Dawn, Chris, & Alex on Wed 6th Jan 2016
For our Christmas vacation in London we reached out to three different agencies to find one available for hire.

The Baby Loft team was awesome. Very responsive, provided lots of different options, and exceeded our expectations. When we arrived to our loft they had already climbed the six flights of stairs, setup the wooden crib, arranged the stroller, and placed the bucket of toys in the living room.

The crib was setup with the most adorable sheet and blanket set ready for our tired little girl. The bucket of toys was a much greater quality then we expected and the stroller with muff/rain cover was a life saver. The stroller was in such great shape we were even nervous of making it too dirty.

Thank you again for everything!!! This was an amazing experience.
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