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What our customer said about The Baby Loft.

Kept our kids entertained! by Holly T. on Sun 27th May 2018
We were staying for a week at friend's house in London. She has twins, aged 10 months. Our kids are 3 and 5 years old, so they wouldn't have been able to play with the babies toys. We rented two bins of toys for them and it was amazing! They played all week with them and had a great time. The toys were perfect for their ages and the Baby Loft completely complied with our request for no small pieces so that there would be no choking hazards for the babies. We also rented a double stroller, which was in great condition, and a video monitor, which was perfect. The Baby Loft was also very easy to work with. We will definitely use them again on our next trip to the UK.
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