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What our customer said about The Baby Loft.

Car seat hire by Lisa Cox on Thu 11th Jan 2018
Baby loft- you saved us big time! We hired a car seat with Avis at (£12 per day- total rip off) and quite frankly I wouldn't have put a teddy bear in it- no base and only a tiny hook to put the seat belt through, no head protection and it smelt a bit mouldy. I would be surprised if it passed any regulations- but apparently this is common practice! ......So I got onto the Internet and found baby loft- Jane I really appreciate all the help you gave us by couriering a seat to us the next day for less than half the price of the Avis one! The seat was perfect and really safe and sturdy like we have in New Zealand! On our visit we did a lot of driving and our 9 month old son was happy in the seat, it was comfortable so he could sleep in it and was very clean! So thank you a million times over! When we come back to the uk next time we will definitely come straight to you!
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