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What our customer said about The Baby Loft.

Excellent Service, Large Selection of Equipment by Debbie G on Fri 27th Apr 2012
I hired a baby swing for our recent trip to London from NYC. For us, it was critical as our 6 week old son seems to only want to nap in a swing! Initially I was distressed as I was unable to find a site that rents out swings despite researching several other similar companies...imagine my relief when I received a recommendation for The Baby Loft!

The swing was clean and in good condition; drop-off and pick-up were without issue; working with The Loft was easy and professional. I did think the delivery charge was on the higher side, but being able to arrange as we needed and not having to hunt down some location after a long flight was well worth it. We will definitely use them for our future travels to the UK and would likewise recommend to others!
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