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What our customer said about The Baby Loft.

Great way to travel light by Emily on Wed 28th Jun 2017
We are so grateful for this service. We live in Boston and went to London for several days in June 2017, renting a stroller, high chair, and toys. We did not give them much warning but they were able to accommodate us 100%. We were able to pack just one big suitcase for all of us because we didn't need to bring our gear and toys. We were able to navigate the Tube to our hotel very easily and then all the stuff was waiting for us there!! Our one-year-old was very comfortable with everything. I have only two minor negatives: 1) it is not inexpensive, though the quality is high and 2) the toys were more "noisy"/electronic and plastic than we usually prefer. But of course the baby loved all the boops and bleeps!!
Thanks to this company for providing a very valuable service.
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