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What our customer said about The Baby Loft.

Excellent Products and Service by Adrienne on Tue 19th Apr 2016
I travel frequently to London for work and usually bring my children. This was the first time I was with both of them and in need of a double stroller. Baby loft had the best assortment of strollers with a quality that was a closer match to what we have at home. It was so clean and felt almost new.

The hotel had a misunderstanding with the delivery so when I called the Baby Loft number on Sunday I didn't expect to get a person, but I did! Laura was awesome and extremely thorough. She made sure the hotel located the buggy and even went so far as to call me back to make sure everything was ok.

I will absolutely use their services again and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone traveling with babies! This will make your life SO much easier.
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